Reviews for birth up north

Feedback from women who have have worked with me and learnt KG hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for their births.


(These reviews and recommendations are mostly taken from my Facebook page @birthupnorth, A few are emails of thanks that I’ve been given permission to share.)

24 June 2019 - recommendation

My husband and I have just finished Julia's hypnobirthing course after it was recommended by some close friends of ours. We loved the course. It has been the perfect combination of learning relaxation techniques and preparing for the practical aspects of birth. I feel empowered and armed with knowledge, which I'm looking forward to taking into my birth. Julia is a very warm and open person. I think it really helps that she is a midwife because she has tons of real life experience. I don't think we would feel so prepared had we not attended the course. I'm looking forward to recommending Julia's classes to all my friends and continuing with the relaxations and visualisations over the next 7 weeks!

19 June 2019 - recommendation

My husband and I really wanted to attend one of Julia’s hypnobirthing course which had come highly recommended to us from a friend. However, we were unable to attend both dates of the sessions that were available prior to our due date. I contacted Julia and she was so helpful! We arranged to come to Day 1 of one of the courses, then have a bespoke 2.5hr session just for my husband and I to go over the key bits of Day 2. It was the perfect compromise for us and Julia was so accommodating.

The actual course was really helpful. It provided a really useful insight into how hypnobirthing actually works, how and when to practice and how to use it even when things may not go to plan. As well as this, Julia went through what happens during a natural birth and all about induction too. She is incredibly knowledgeable being both a midwife and researcher and having given birth herself. I felt totally confident in everything she was telling us. She also was able to provide some really useful resources for us to go through in our own time, which was fab.

Aside from all of this, Julia is just a lovely person, very easy to get on with, very compassionate and understanding. If you’re thinking about hypnobirthing and want to know more, I’d 100% recommend Julia’s course. Also, she’s an amazing good baker - providing lots of lovely treats for us during the course!! What’s not to love about that?!

7 June 2019 - email of thanks

Our daughter arrived on 27th March and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without the techniques you taught us.
I listened to the visualisations and affirmations leading up to my due date as well as reading the book.
My labour lasted 22 hours and I completely relied on breathing techniques and affirmations - which I initially thought wouldn’t help me. But as the midwives realised our baby was facing the ceiling and they asked me to move the the bed (where I really didn’t want to be), I trusted my body and managed to deliver her with no interventions and gas and air! The sister afterwards told me that she’s never seen anyone so calm and I should consider a home birth next time! (She probably says that to lots of people but I appreciated it!)
My partner also found it incredibly helpful, knowing what I needed to do and when and reminding me to breath and trust myself. I definitely couldn’t have done it without him! Thank you so much!

23 April 2019 - email of thanks

When I mentioned Hypnobirthing to friends and family I received a lot of dubious looks and comments … particularly along the lines of ‘nothing can prepare you for child birth’. How wrong they were!

Before the course the thought of pushing a baby out was daunting to say the least and I was so anxious about the unknown. Your course provided the insight I needed about the physicality of labour and the many options we have as mothers and parents. I used quite a few of the techniques we practised and although I didn’t silently breath out my baby boy, bringing him into the world was the most magical and amazing experience for not only me but Daniel too. You helped to ease our anxieties and give us both the confidence that together ‘we could do this!’… Thank you!

13 April 2019 - recommendation

Julia is a fantastic hypnobirthing teacher and midwife who brings so much useful experience to the hypnobirthing theory. 
We felt very at ease with Julia from the off and loved our sessions together. I had some very strong fears around child birth and contacted Julia as soon as I found out we were pregnant with our first baby. 
My husband and mum were both at the sessions and found these as equally enjoyable and interesting as I did.
I feel prepared for my baby to arrive in July and this is due to the work Julia has done with us. I strongly believe that Julia’s midwifery background really brings something extra that others can’t offer, and of course her own experience of becoming a mummy! 
Now for a few more months of deep relaxation techniques before our bundle of joy arrives 😊 
Thank You so much Julia and I look forward to sharing our birth story with you.

7 January 2019 - recommendation

Taking the Hypnobirthing course with Julia really helped to reinforce and develop the approach we wanted to take with the birth of our daughter. We knew what we wanted to do and how we wanted it to go, and Julia gave us the knowledge and techniques to make that possible. The combination of practical knowledge from a Midwife's perspective was really, really useful. Along with the solid Hypnobirthing practice and a clear idea of the possible routes and interventions , we were equipped emotionally and knowledge wise to deal with them. I was able to begin my labour excited and remain calm and completely focused without worrying about anything. My labour progressed quickly and smoothly and at the end of it when some intervention was needed we were able to remain calm and it all went smoothly. We did the course in lovely surroundings in Julia's home.

17 November 2018 - recommendation

We did the Hypnobirthing course with Julia in her beautiful house and I found it very helpful when I was in labour. I was induced with a Syntocinon drip and the midwife even commented she could tell I was using Hypnobirthing techniques as I lasted longer than most people before asking for pain relief (I used gas and air and eventually one shot of diamorphine). For me one of the best things about the Hypnobirthing course was really understanding what happens in labour and why the midwives/doctors may choose to do things a certain way. I felt informed and in control of how my labour went and able to be part of the decision making rather than letting everything just happen ‘to’ me. Julia is lovely and very knowledgable, I’d definitely recommend her course!

17 October 2018 - recommendation

My first labour wasn't the most straightforward as my baby was back to back, so I laboured slowly and painfully for 27 hours. However, we managed to get him turned and I gave birth to him without intervention in the birthing pool. I absolutely could not have managed it without the hypnobirthing techniques Julia taught me and my partner. Despite the fact the labour was long, it was also one of the most amazing experiences. My partner definitely benefited from the course and was incredible during the whole process, keeping me right on track with my breathing and affirmations. Would recommend Julia and her hypnobirthing course to anyone expecting a baby.

27 November 2017 - 5/5* review

Julia’s course changed my whole approach to birth, making me feel much more positive and relaxed. I felt that Julia really cared about helping me to identify fears and manage them better. She provided so much information about birthing without overwhelming me. Going through the course together really helped me and my partner to communicate better about the birth and prepare ourselves. We wouldn’t have been as calm as we were without all of Julia’s support beforehand. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. - Katie


14 November 2017 - 5/5* review

We attended a course with Julia with 2 other couples and it was fantastic! Definitely a must for your ‘birth preparation box’. Julia is a fabulous teacher, she tailored the course around our needs and with a wealth of experience behind her (she is also a Midwife), gave us fantastic information, insight and confidence. Julia was also flexible and worked the time and location of sessions around us. Incidentally she also has what must be the coolest and most beautiful house in Sheffield, so a pleasure and very relaxing to attend classes there. Julia helped us form our ‘plan A’, a water birth at home but when circumstance led us down a very different path - induction and eventually a caesarean section, we were able to use all the info, tips and techniques we had learnt to make sure we continued to feel calm and in control. Ultimately we both feel the whole experience was positive and empowering, and my husband who was initially skeptical is now hypnobirthing's biggest convert! - Em


14 August 2017 - 5/5* review

The course was incredibly helpful for us to deal with leftover anxieties from our first birth. Julia is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable and helped us understand the process of pregnancy and birth, and the benefits of relaxation. As a result we felt much more prepared for the birth of our second child after a traumatic first birth. Using the techniques we learned from Julia enabled us to have a calm, peaceful and joyful birth at home. We chose to do the group sessions with two other couples which was great as it was affordable and we learned together. Doing this course was definitely worthwhile! Julia is a great teacher and person and we would recommend the course to any expectant parents whether it's a first or second pregnancy. - Flo


5 April 20017 - 5/5* review

My partner and I were moving house and our due date was looming... Julia provided a tailor-made course, at our convenience, with a practical approach. She's a great teacher and although we were new to hypnobirthing, both my partner and I got a lot from the course. Our beautiful son was born 10 days early and, because of a medical complication I couldn't have the water birth I'd planned. But, thanks to Julia's instruction and tips, it was an incredibly positive experience. We had a natural birth and I was focused and calm throughout - above all, the course put me in a positive frame of mind about the birth. It was no longer something to fear. Neither myself, my partner nor our baby were stressed at any point during the labour and birth and I credit this course with that. If there's one thing to put in your birth preparation tool box, this is it! - Jenny


22 March 2017 - 5/5* review

Julia is the perfect hypnobirthing instructor! She is warm, friendly and forgiving, all traits that made working with her a pleasure. Her experience as a midwife meant that she was able to contextualise the hypnobirthing techniques through real life experiences. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely seems to love what she does. Perhaps most importantly, Julia has a calming energy and soothing voice, which really helps when practicing the relaxation techniques. Even my dogs were relaxed by the end of our sessions! - Heather